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AI-Driven Ingenuity: How Food Bloggers Can Leverage AI to Create Better Content

AI is sweeping the world by storm, every day it seems like there are new ways in which people are using this revolutionary technology to make their lives easier. 

While its potential to disrupt multiple industries may seem intimidating, especially for content creators, we can embrace its power to enhance what we do. 

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Instead of running scared, let’s explore how we as food content creators can utilize incredible technologies like ChatGPT and Google Bard to elevate content quality and cater to our audience more effectively.

As a food blogger and professional food photographer I have a simple goal. I want to create valuable and helpful content that reaches my audience, and makes their lives easier. 

So when something revolutionary like AI comes along that can make my life easier, you better believe I am going to utilize it as much as I can.

Here are 5 ways I am using AI as a food blogger to create better content.

  1. Recipe Card and Post Descriptions 
  2. Instagram Captions
  3. Instagram Hashtags
  4. Recipe Ideas
  5. Keyword Research and Recipe FAQs

I want to stress that there is nothing wrong with using ChatGPT to help you write content but I would advise against copying word for word what it spits out. People can see right through that, and I would not be surprised if in the near future algorithms used by search engines could detect such actions which could hurt your rankings.

1. Recipe Card and Post Descriptions

Every good blogger knows that readers have a shorter attention span than ever. When they click on your recipe from Google search or Pinterest, you have only a few sentences above the fold to hook them in and convince them to keep reading.

This extends to the description within your recipe card as well since many users will jump straight to the recipe card before reading anything.

On a recipe post this is usually done with a brief overview describing the recipe in a few short sentences. It needs to be concise, descriptive, and enticing. Hitting all three of those requirements without being too wordy can be somewhat of a struggle.

AI like ChatGPT can help you find new an exciting ways to describe your recipes and its a real time saver.  

Using a a simple prompt in chatGPT such as:

“Using 50 words or less describe a chicken recipe made with chicken breast stuffed with sausage and leeks, served with a garlic roasted broccoli. Focus on how simple the recipe is and that anyone can make it in under 1 hour.“


Quick and easy chicken breasts stuffed with sausage and leeks, baked until juicy. Serve with garlic-roasted broccoli for a satisfying meal. Simple and beginner-friendly recipe that can be prepared in under 1 hour. Perfect for busy individuals who crave a delicious homemade dinner without the hassle.

Of course this needs a bit of tweaking to sound natural, but in just a few seconds you have a perfect framework to start with. 

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2.Instagram Captions

Competition on social media has never been stronger and writing engaging instagram captions is an important aspect of getting your content noticed. 

By the time you are a few years into your blogging career you have written hundreds of captions and they can all start to sound the same. 

A simple prompt can allow AI to write a witty or whimsical Instagram caption that can give you some fresh ideas to get the creative juices flowing to help you grow your audience on social media.

Try an prompt like this:

“Give me 5, 20 word captions for an Instagram post talking about the new BBQ pizza recipe I just published on my blog”


  1. “Introducing my mouthwatering BBQ Pizza recipe! 🔥🍕 Check out my latest blog post for a slice of flavor-packed goodness!”
  2. “Calling all pizza lovers! 🍕🔥 Discover my new obsession: BBQ Pizza! Head to my blog for the recipe!”
  3. “Craving a unique pizza experience? Look no further! 🍕🔥 Dive into my blog for the delicious BBQ Pizza recipe!”
  4. “Elevate your pizza game with my BBQ Pizza creation! 🍕🔥 Unleash your taste buds by visiting my blog!”
  5. “Pizza + BBQ = Flavor explosion! 🍕🔥 Discover the irresistible combination on my blog now. Get ready to drool!”

A few tweaks to fit your brand voice and you have an endless supply of new captions for your social media posts. 

3. Hashtag Generator

Continuing on with social media, ChatGPT can be used to discover new hashtags and its a time saving game changer. Not only does it pull some unique niche hashtags, but it can format them so they are ready to copy straight into your post. 

Try this prompt:

“Give me 10 popular Instagram hashtags for a post about low carb chocolate cake, list them all in a row so I can copy them”


#lowcarbchocolatecake #lowcarbdesserts #keto #chocolate #sugarfree #guiltfreechocolate #healthytreats #lowcarblifestyle #dessertinspiration #chocolatelovers

Couple this list with some further hashtag research, tag a few other hashtags you know are popular, and you have just saved a bunch of time, and maybe even discovered a few new hashtags you can use to get you content discovered.

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4. New Recipe Ideas

Coming up with new recipe ideas regularly can be exhausting. Sometimes the imagination just isn’t working and you need a little inspiration to get things moving. A quick prompt into your favourite AI can give you a great head start and will even give you an ingredient list to play around with as you begin your recipe development process. 

Try this prompt:

“give me 5 popular low carb indian recipe ideas I can make in under 1 hour”


  1. Paneer Tikka: Grilled cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) marinated in a flavorful blend of spices. Quick to prepare and packed with protein.
  2. Palak Chicken: Succulent chicken cooked with spinach and aromatic spices. A nutritious and delicious low carb option.
  3. Egg Curry: Hard-boiled eggs simmered in a rich tomato and onion gravy. Easy to make and pairs well with cauliflower rice.
  4. Cabbage Sabzi: Shredded cabbage stir-fried with spices like cumin, turmeric, and chili. A simple and healthy side dish.
  5. Tandoori Fish: Marinated fish fillets roasted to perfection in a tandoor or oven. Bursting with flavors and ready in no time.

With just a simple request you have recipe ideas for the next several weeks to fill out your editorial calendar. Instead of wasting time spinning your wheel you can get right to work creating the amazing content your audience loves. 

5. Keyword Research and Recipe FAQs

An ever important task that often falls by the wayside amongst food bloggers. We are constantly told it’s important but few people know how to do it well. If you are struggling to find keywords to target in your next post, fire up ChatGPT and ask it to find you a few popular keywords, keyphrases, or common questions about a recipe you can answer and provide outstanding value to your audience. 

Keep in mind ChatGPT does not have access to keyword analytics and search trends, but it can give you a place to start. Its a lot easier to research a keyword if you already know what it is rather than shooting in the dark.

Give me 5 keywords or keyphrases to target in a recipe post for thanksgiving turkey”


  1. Thanksgiving turkey recipe
  2. Roasted turkey with herbs
  3. Perfectly moist Thanksgiving turkey
  4. Easy Thanksgiving turkey
  5. Flavorful turkey with crispy skin


“What 3 questions do people ask about how to cook a thanksgiving turkey”


  1. “How long should I cook a Thanksgiving turkey and at what temperature?”
  2. “What is the best way to ensure a moist and flavorful turkey?”
  3. “What are some tips for achieving a crispy golden skin on the Thanksgiving turkey?”

Answering these questions and targeting specific keywords can improve rankings and is an important part of good SEO. AI can lend a helping hand and set you up for success creating high quality content your audience will love. 

While there will be many uses for AI in content creation discovered in the years to come, these are just 5 of the ways a modern food blogger can use AI to improve the quality of their content. Don’t be scared of this new technology, embrace this powerful tool to better serve your audience, create more engaging content, and improve the quality of each post you publish.

About the Author
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Adam Rahman is a professional food photographer, writer, and recipe developer from Canada.

Specializing in food blog photography and content creation, Adam is the creator behind the food and recipe blog Yummy for Adam.

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